Our best CSR practices

We are pleased to announce that as many as three corporate CSR projects have been included in the 21st Report Responsible Business in Poland. Good practices. This is one of the most important publications dedicated to charitable activities carried out by companies in 2022. 

The publication features three important initiatives that are embedded in the company's strategic activities. These are:

1. The long-term aid project for Ukraine, under which we sent as many as 5 humanitarian transports last year, organised many internal initiatives and engaged with external entities. This practice was included in the category: human rights.

2. We support healthy competition - a project run in partnership with 35 sports clubs across the country. The practice was placed in the category: Social engagement and community development. 

3. Activities for the Biofarm team - are based on two pillars - health and prevention and support for physical activity. This practice was among those awarded in the category: working practices.

Biofarm's mission is to put people at the centre of our daily activities, so we are proud that three of our long-term and largest CSR projects have been recognised and awarded.