Cookie policy

  1. As your data controller, Biofarm automatically collects information from small text files known as cookies. Cookies are commonly used on websites where they might serve different functions. For example, they can help remember your settings or provide various information about web browsers, devices (such as computers, tablets or smartphones) or users (by tracking how they interact with the site).  Most cookies contain a unique number (identifier) that sets them apart from others.
  2. By not blocking cookies, you agree to them being used and placed in the memory of your device. Read below for details of how we use cookies.
  3. Biofarm only uses cookies for information in order to:
    • make our website remember the users’ unique preferences and needs;
    • compile statistics for improved functionality, structure and content  of our website.
  4. Biofarm uses two types of cookie files based on how long they endure, namely:
    • Session cookies – These are cookies that remain in a web browser’s memory until the User leaves our website. These cookies are essential for some of our applications to operate properly and in order to display the content on our Website.
    • Persistent cookies – These are cookies that remain stored on the User’s device until they expire on their set date or are deleted by the User. These cookies are used to ensure that our Website works better and provides better user experience.
  5. Our Website uses the following types of cookie files:
    • Strictly necessary cookies – These cookies are needed to use the Website and its services. One example are authentication cookies used for Website features that require authentication, especially the ‘rx-section’ cookie that is used to confirm the RX medicine notification and is stored for 182 days after such confirmation;
    • Security cookies – Among other things, these cookies are used to detect any abuse of our Website authentication mechanisms. They are stored for 182 days after you clicked the “I agree” button on the cookie notification message;
    • Performance cookies – These cookies allow our Website to collect information about how you use it;
    • Functionality (preference) cookies – These cookies allow our Website to “remember” the choices you have made as a User, and personalise its interface to account for your selected language or region, font size, website appearance, etc. One particular example is the "i18n_redirected" cookie which is used for language handling and is stored for 182 days after you visited our pages or changed your language.
  6. We do not use cookies to collect any personally identifiable information, such as names or surnames.
  7. Website users manage their cookie settings on their own, with a default setting being to store all cookie files.
  8. Users may change their web browser settings and refuse to store cookies on their devices.
  9. Users may change their cookie settings at any time by following their software (web browser) guidelines.
  10. Please be aware that restricting or blocking cookies may have an adverse effect on some of our Website functionality.
  11. Cookies stored on the User’s device may be used by Biofarm’s trusted partners (multimedia providers).
  12. Cookies are placed on the User’s device and accessed by the operator of Biofarm’s Website.
  13. Please refer to the Help menu of your software (web browser) for details on how cookies are used to collect information.