Our values

To mark the 30th anniversary of our company, we teamed up with our employees to adopt a set of values which have guided us ever since. Together, they are a constant reminder of what we hold most dear, letting us grow and keep our focus on health.

We are driven by passion

Work makes us happy. We inspire and motivate each other. We spread enthusiasm and commitment.

We are brave thinkers

We want to change the world and we are ready to take the risk required to do so. In our team people say what they think while remaining open to other points of view. We see opportunities where others see challenges. We are brave in our decisions and actions. We share our knowledge because we know that even little ideas can lead to big things.

We celebrate accomplishments

We want to be the best and we take satisfaction from winning. The will to win keeps our team together. Winning gives us energy and joy, helps us spread our wings and overcome obstacles.

We help people

Our work revolves around people. We work with people and for people. We take care of patients' health, support experts and value our employees. We respect the environment and our surroundings.

We play fair

We play by the rules because we respect our co-workers, business partners and contractors. We play fair and our relationships are based on mutual trust.

We create quality

We are all committed to the quality of our products, services and relationships at every stage of the process. We believe that our concern for quality is what sets us apart on the market. Quality is the focus of our daily work for each and every one of us.

We are effective

We take responsibility for the effects of our actions, both individually and as a team. We are consistent. Insight translates into decisions that are put into practice swiftly and in an optimal manner.

Together we can do more

We work as a team. We achieve goals together, and celebrate successes together. We help, support and inspire each other. Collaboration and commitment help us achieve more.

We are entrepreneurial spirits

We are driven by a sense of influence on the future. We quickly respond to changes, opportunities and market trends. Our goals are ambitious, our priorities and requirements are clearly defined. We treat any responsibilities and resources we are entrusted with as our own.