Patient healthcare has been our mission and commitment for over 30 years. Caring is a part of Biofarm's DNA, therefore corporate social responsibility is a natural element of our company's strategy. 

We support medical centres

Every day we cooperate with the medical sector. We want doctors to have access to the best therapies, therefore we regularly donate our products to hospitals. Since 2018 we have provided over 70,000 packages of Biofarm’s products annually to 230 medical centres throughout Poland.

During the COVID-19 epidemic, we actively support doctors and pharmacists. Personal protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, visors, antibacterial gels and sanitizers, have been regularly provided to hospitals and pharmacies all over Poland. We know that healthcare professionals work around the clock, without breaks, so we have supported doctors and nurses by providing them with food packages.

We are environmentally conscious

We continue our environmental protection efforts to nurture sustainable development in various areas of Biofarm. Noise barriers were installed to significantly reduce noise levels generated at our facilities to the benefit of our local community, and we have installed a modern and  environmentally-friendly sewage treatment plant to protect the local eco system.  We have replaced our car fleet with hybrid cars and introduced Ecologic, an advanced driving monitoring and reporting system that has been embraced by all our employees as they compete in teams to be the most efficient drivers. Biofarm has reduced our CO2 emissions by 40 tons and we have experienced the additional social and health benefit of  safer driving!

We are motivated by a good cause

We motivate our employees to drive economically and ecologically. Every year we travel eight million kilometres and now each kilometre travelled ecologically by our team on the road translates into charitable donations, the value of which is matched by Biofarm. 

We choose a healthy lifestyle

We believe that physical activity has a positive effect on our health. That is why we try not only to encourage our employees to actively participate in sports events, but we also support young athletes locally.

Since 2013, we have been the principal sponsor of the Biofarm Basket Poznań men basketball team. We also support young talents from junior basketball team Biofarm Basket Junior. The passion of basketball players to follow their dreams is truly impressive - that is why we are glad that we can support them achieve greater successes.