Respirator and oxygen concentrator in the 4th humanitarian transport

Another humanitarian transport departed on 21.06.2022 r. to Ukraine carrying food, dietary supplements, personal hygiene supplies, respirator and oxygen concentrator. This was the fourth consecutive time Biofarm offered help for Ukraine’s people in need. All of the products donated as solidarity action arrived in Lviv and from there were transported to Kharkov.

Since March 2022, the company has organised four humanitarian transports to Lviv. A total of 126 pallets were shipped including 190 thousand medicinal products, food, infant formula milk, personal hygiene products and technical and medical equipment. Furthermore, our company transferred funds to two non-governmental organisations.

This fourth transport differs from the previous ones because it’s a form of dedicated help arranged in cooperation with the president of the city of Kharkov. For a city that has to face missile attacks and difficult humanitarian situation every day. This time 32 pallets were shipped, carrying mostly food with a long shelf life, dietary supplements and personal hygiene supplies.

The initiative organised by Biofarm and addressed exclusively to the Kharkov city received an active support of the members of Lions Club Poznań 1990. It is the first charity initiative organised by Biofarm for this partner city of Poznań.

Biofarm also invited other non-governmental organisations and companies to help out with the initiative. The fourth humanitarian transport was also supported by:

•     Each Life Foundation
•    members of the Lions Club Poznań 1990
•    Krzysztof Kozanecki and Paweł Słabolepszy – Owners of the Product Plus Kozanecki, Słabolepszy Sp. J. company
•    Wojciech Kruczyński – President of the Management Board  of the Tri Tour sports club and Agata Kluczyńska – Secretary
•    Adam Żegota – Board Member of Multeafil Sp. z o.o.
•    Krzysztof Wegenke – President of the Management Board of Maxfrut Sp. z o.o.

We would like to thank all the donors involved in providing aid to Kharkov. We are stronger together!

We will post more information regarding future initiatives on our website.